The Berlage

Sarita Sundar

Sarita Sundar is a Designer and Design Historian. At Hanno, her heritage interpretation and design consultancy, she combines 35 years of working with brand design and strategy with her academic training in museum studies. Over the years, she has engaged in critical enquiries into how culture engages with the visual, ranging from research into Indian vernacular typography to studies of intangible culture in performance practices. Her research into the cultural history of the seat in India culminated into a book: ‘From the Frugal to the Ornate: Stories of the Seat in India’. During a recent Fulbright Teaching and Research Fellowship she investigated the resistances to modernism in Indian and American design histories and conducted lectures and workshops at academic and cultural institutions in the US. She anchors branding and communications strategy at the Centre for Pastoralism. She continues her research on seats of India through ‘Mapping Colonialities: A situated history of the planter’s chair’, a project in collaboration with Dr. Rachel Lee at TU Delft.