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Territories of Intertextuality

Territories of Intertextuality

In fall 2020, Jean-Louis Cohen taught the proseminar “Territories of Intertextuality: A Transurban Perspective on City Form." Since ancient times, cities have never ceased observing each other, as patterns and structures have been displaced across borders and oceans. The seminar considered how most large cities contain fragments borrowed from others: Roman layouts have shaped Versailles and St. Petersburg, while “little Parises” have proliferated in Latin America or the Balkans.

A Journey Round My Room led by Bêka & Lemoine

The films produced during the 2021 theory master class led by Bêka & Lemoine are now available online at The master class explored the unprecedented proximity and familiarity we have with our daily domestic environments in the wake of the successive lockdowns. Revisiting Xavier de Maistre’s eccentric 1794 novel entitled "A Journey Round My Room," one of the first examples of a literature of confinement, participants investigated film as way to bring to experience, understanding, and narration of space that other kinds of representational media—such as plans, sections, elevations, or photographs—cannot.

Photo by Juan Benavides.