The Berlage

Rachel Julia Engler

Rachel Julia Engler writes about faith and the secular as they intersect with technology and broadcast media. Her current research focuses on ritual sites inflected by television and its attendant infrastructures, specifically in the context of postwar Protestant evangelism. Engler holds a PhD from Columbia University, where she studied architectural history, and a BA from Yale University. She has taught architectural history and theory at Rice University (2021, 2022) and at Columbia. For the past fifteen years, she has also worked as an editor, of academic texts and art books, and as a translator from German to English. In 2019, her translation, with Reto Geiser, of Sigfried Giedeon’s 1929 illustrated manifesto Befreites Wohnen (Liberated Dwelling) was published by Lars Müller. Based in Oklahoma, USA, she is currently a Research Associate at the University of Oklahoma’s Gibbs College of Architecture.