The Berlage


AgwA, based in Brussels and established between 2003 and 2006, addresses mainly projects for the public and for collective entities, focusing on adaptive reuse, complex situations, mixed-use developments, and tight budgets. Their designs anticipate a building's long-term evolution, adapting to changes in use and context. While creating remarkable spatial dispositions, AgwA proposes a functional and clear architecture emphasizing simple construction materials and structure.

Key projects, illustrating AgwA’s diverse practice, include the transformation of a former engineering school into a mixed use public facility and a park, the Palais des Expositions de Charleroi, the adaptive reuse and extension of an office building for a secondary school, a pedestrian bridge, or memorials in El Salvador. Many unbuilt competitions and collaborations serve as an environment for creative exploration. Conversely, they view the construction site as a dynamic extension of the design process, where the critical potential of architecture unfolds and materializes.

AgwA contributes to academic research and education at different universities, notably founding the Architecture in Practice research group and publishing the "In Practice" book series since 2018, working with institutions like KU Leuven and ULiège.