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Toward an Architecture of Enjoyment, Circa 1968

Lukasz Stanek

Lukasz Stanek has collaborated with several architectural offices in Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. Currently, he is a researcher in architectural theory at the ETH Zürich and has worked, as well, at the Delft University of Technology and at the department of theory at the Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht. His research interests in Henri Lefebvre straddle philosophy, planning, and architecture. He has published articles on city building, mass media, and the production of space in former state-socialist cities like Nowa Huta, Poland. His most recent publications include contributions to books “Space, Difference, Everyday Life: Henri Lefebvre and Radical Politics,” and “Visual and Material Performances in the City.” He was the co-founder and editor of the first issue of Footprint - Delft School of Design Journal.

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